Tuesday, 9 June 2015

WEIRDNESS: Awesome Fan Video

It's often scary to realise just how much games train us in bizarre ideas. Things that at the time seem perfectly normal with in context of the game. Something that became apparent to me when playing Farcry 4,  my partner asked why I was trying to kill a Rhino and my sole answer was "I need a bigger wallet"

This isn't unique to Farcry or even other "mature" titles and also just happened to be similar theme for this video but one "Source Film Maker" (Using game files to create characters for animation) Callegos-Y has created a brilliant almost Dreamworks (Ice Age, Shrek) style short using assets from multiple Zelda titles such as Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.

Obviously in-game we never went as far as selling the sacred stone from the Temple of Time (could we?) but everything else is pretty much spot on and is such a good quality that I suspect may pop up in places as a "trailer" for a mythical Legend of Zelda movie. Please check out some out the rest of Callegos-Y YouTube videos .

Abe's Take
Thanks to technology and fantastic games there is no end to the amount of amazing fan work coming out of the increasingly talented gaming community, Here's hoping this inspires someone at Nintendo to kick of a new era of Nintendo animations in cinemas and TV.

The hookshot bit cracks me up.

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