Tuesday, 2 June 2015

UPDATE - Please Stand By? Fallout Inbound?

Ever since the announcement of a new generation of consoles fans have been asking for many things, one thing has been demanded louder Fallout 4. 

UPDATE 3: Trailer!!!

UPDATE 2: Seems that ear;y teaser site is the gift that keeps on giving... SCREEN SHOTS!

These screens seem to confirm an Boston setting and the return of Dogmeat

UPDATE: Looks like someone pushed the button a little early, The teaser site has gone live and we managed to grab a picture for you good people. This should nicely confirm what is ahead.

Yep Fallout 4 is confirmed! coming to X1, PS4 and PC

---Original story follows---

After what feels like years of leaks, hints, rumours, fakes and quickly deleted resumes it appears we have something concrete. A countdown website; counting down to tomorrow. 

How do we know this time its real? Well first Bethesda themselves tweeted it and secondly the website's URL "http://fallout.bethsoft.com/" certainly leaves no doubt to what it is.

So that leaves the question: Why now when E3 is weeks away? Could we be seeing the Del Toro linked CGI video tomorrow (Resume Rumour) and then the "leaked" 30 minute gameplay demo at E3?

Abe's Take 


  1. Aaron Princess Furniss3 June 2015 at 20:04

    lil worried as the fallout guy at the end looks a little cheap not very next gen looking i mean

  2. Yeah. All the way though that i was thinking "wow this is an amazing 360 game"

    Admittedly the ghoul horde animations was 1000% improved and i'm sure the world will be a lot more complex than any of their previous games