Monday, 15 June 2015

FALLOUT 4 Fresh From E3

It seems like it was such a long wait till Fallout 4 and after last weeks announcement we was wondering just what would be announced during their E3 stage show. Turns out its was lots of awesome details! I wont be posting about the games story.

Release Date
Lets put you out of your Fallout depressions right now. Fallout 4 comes out November 10 2015, yes THIS year. Looks like COD has some big competition this year.

Not only is the iconic device returning but also Fallout 4 will also feature a second screen app based on the device. Oh and there's a working Pip-Boy edition.

This lovely device not only lovingly covers your wrist in Vault-Tec awesomeness but also your phone fits inside powering this device allowing you to use it as a Pip-Boy in game! There will also be Fallout versions of classic arcade games that can be played on the Pip-Boy ingame (and assumingly the app)

Crafting, Scrapping & Base Building!

Clearly the success of the likes of Minecraft and Rust has inspired Bethesda to take the Skyrim's Hearthfire DLC and ramp it up. You can build a base of operations, houses, power networks, turrets, settlements and basically anything else you want to defend you from the wastelands raiders. Scrapping will be a big feature as you'll be needing materials to build not only your base but also the 50 weapons and 700 mod, Including your very own, heavily customizable Power Armour.

Its not just soul less construction. As you build settlements people will come to visit and perhaps stay if it's well defended. You'll also be able to build things like bars and shops to keep people (and your companions) happy.

Custom Characters Return.

Despite rumours claiming you'll be playing as a set character and not your own like previous Fallouts. Good news! this is only partly true, you can play as either the husband OR the wife from the trailer. You'll be creating them in real time in front of their bathroom mirror. The other character news was that the game will feature voice acting for the lead and has an almost Mass Effect conversation wheel.

Not only will your character talk during when selecting dialog options but also when giving commands to the dog. Apparently this is a two way street as the family's Mister Handy robot has been programmed with 1000 names so chances are it'll call you by name.

Abe's Take
I am delighted at all the details here. When i saw the announce trailer I was worried because it didn't look like a new-gen game but now thanks to things like free construction and custom settlements, I now know its the the type of 'features over graphics' new-gen game I've been waiting for. If i have to sell a kideny to do it I really need that Pip-Boy!

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