Sunday, 14 June 2015

Rumour: More Amiibo!

Today E3 unofficially began with Nintendo's Smash Bros direct, which dropped a lot of details that could of easily been in the main direct. Things like a new wave of Mii costumes and Street Fighter's Ryu.

There dose seem to be a theme to this year's E3, Premature announcements!. Over the last week Koei accidentally let loose a trailer for Hyrule Warriors 3DS, yesterday Bethesda accidentally shed light on Dishonoured 2's existence. Now we can add Nintendo of Spain to that list as they have sent out an email with this image

Four of these we already knew about. The Super Mario, Yarn Yoshi, Splatoon serieses, and the Animal Crossing Amiibo cards for the upcoming "Happy Home Designer" for 3DS. However this seems to confirm and Animal Crossing figure series and an pixel Mario.

Now there has been a lot of talk on a Wii U Animal Crossing entry that would also work with Happy Home Designer. The presence of figure Amiibo dose seem to suggest that is the case. It is possible that the cards are intended to fill the gap left by sold out figures (as Miyamoto originally mentioned) however Isabella has a different colouring and pose between figure and card, something they wouldn't do if they two ranges are "the same". I would hope though that the cards and figures work on each others games that's the case.

The Mario one is the most intriguing and instantly pinged in my brain as "limited edition". 8bit Mario is most likely tied to Mario Maker, and Mario's 30th anniversary. Each of the different Amiibo series have different bases but retain the same basic shape but this Mario one bucks that trend hence "limited edition ping".

Abe's Take
Despite all the stock issues Amiibo has been a huge hit for Nintendo and certainly is here to stay. I really like the look of the new Amiibo ranges. The Smash ones are far cooler but they all seem kinda small, where are the new ranges feel/look a bit more meaty. However I just don't see what Amiibo will add to a core Animal Crossing game considering they are mainstay characters no random villagers or Mario Maker (there was rumours that Amiibo would unlock character sprites).

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