Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Devil's Third Break Cover

Devil's Third caused some shock waves at last years E3, Originally an THQ game set for release on 360 and PS3 from Tomonobu Itagaki, the creator of Dead Or Alive and Ninja Gaiden and was canceled when THQ imploded and wasn't picked up by another publisher. Only to be announced as a Wii U exclusive.

Now not only are we getting details about the game but we know have EU and JPN release dates; August 29th and August 4th respectively. (we still don't have a US release date) In Japan at least it will be a budget release like Splatoon and Captain Toad, The same should be true for europe too as we got the same price points.

Check out some gameplay in this Japanese presentation, so the non-Japanese speaking a certain amount of skipping is needed. WARNING this game is the antithesis of Splatoon

As you can see Devil's Third seamlessly blends Ninja Gaiden's fast paced and gory combat with third and first person gunplay. This gameplay is unaltered between the single player and multiplayer modes which sound pretty mad, Here is the official Nintendo press release.

"Conceived by legendary designer Tomonobu Itagaki, a wild, larger-than-life military thriller Devil's Third, is set to release for Wii U on 28th August, delivering intense single-player and multiplayer third-person action that blends modern military weaponry with brutal melee combat.
At the heart of the single-player campaign is Ivan, a former mercenary let loose from his incarceration to right the wrongs of his past and take down a shadowy terrorist group he once belonged to. With the world's satellites and electrical weaponry having been wiped out, and warfare once again reduced to close combat between soldiers, Ivan must use a colourful array of weaponry to shoot, hack and bludgeon his way through any foe standing in the way of his attempt at redemption. With fast-paced combat and bone-crunching finishing moves galore, a day in the life of Ivan is anything but ordinary…
The game's online multiplayer mode, meanwhile, offers up a grim future whereby the terrorists have won, and chaos reigns supreme. As an ordinary citizen, you can join a clan and help reclaim the United States by forming allegiances with other factions, or go all-out as a mercenary and endlessly assault other player's bases, opting for anarchy over clan diplomacy! But at the heart of the online play is the ability to customise your base alongside other members of your clan, with successful battling resulting in rewards that can be used to improve your defences. With constant assaults from other clans, you'll have to be on your toes to defend your territory."
I expect we'll see more at E3 either in the main broadcast or the treehouse broadcast afterwards. Could this be another Bayonetta style win for the Wii U? It certainly has very little competition on Wii U double so Activision has now confirmed Black Ops 3 won't be hitting Wii U alongside the old-gen versions.
Customisation will be a focus of MP, This guy's being punched out by someone in box armour"
Abe's Take
Even though the graphics look dated compared to a games on X1/Ps4 I am oddly enthralled with this games potential. if the MP is only half as good as they a promising it should be rather great.

Nintendo has dropped yet another announcement before E3 that could of been used for the show. Either Nintendo's direct will be entire focused on some earth shattering news OR they are clearing space for in the main direct for multiple announcements. In a recent interview about the 3DS Reggie said that E3 will have "things people wanted and things people didn't know they wanted" seeing as the NX, Zelda, Mobile and QoL won't be at E3 there must be some good stuff coming.

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