Thursday, 3 November 2016

MH Stories Amiibo Mystery!

Monster Hunter Stories is the RPG spin-off to the core Monster Hunter series but instead of taking on the role of hunter, players become Riders instead, choosing to use the beasties as mounts instead of raw material for the next gear upgrade.

Why we're talking about Monster Hunter Stories? well, it's because the game has some very confusing messaging about if it's coming west. Capcom refuses to confirm its coming over but the accompanying anime has been dubbed into English and released online.

Now we have yet more... oddity regarding Stories' journey thanks to yesterday's Animal Crossing: New Leaf Amiibo update. Whilst the west's version of the Direct boasted Amiibo support from the Animal Crossing, Zelda and Splatoon series, the Japanese version also touted support from the epic Monster Hunter Stories line of Amiibo

Well turns out that content is also available to us in the west, in English, on PAL versions of the game, and using the same (imported) Amiibo (we've known for some time the Amiibo are region-free). Is this proof of Monster Hunter Stories coming west? Or is Nintendo really going out of their way to protect Amiibo usage?

[UPDATE: Been informed Amazon (UK) has some available for import]

Everyone thank "NintenDaan" for the pic and confirmation.
Abe's Take
Whilst I'm not as excited about Stories as I am about the core series, I would love for it comes to the west. However, I think that Monster Hunter Stories probably has the most conflicting signs of localisation than any game before it.

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