Friday, 4 November 2016

Ubisoft Gushes About Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft has probably been the most vocal about the Nintendo Switch, long before Nintendo even announced it Ubi was championing the device as a game-changer.

Continuing to the theme of "hyperactive puppy" Ubisoft has had more to say about the Switch, first during the company's financial conference, CEO Yves Guillemot believes Nintendo's new machine is a "true innovation" with its ability to take console games on the go. Here is the full quote.

“The March quarter will also see the release of the Nintendo Switch,” said Guillemot. “As we already said, we think the platform is great. For the first time ever, players will continue their home console experience on the go while travelling or commuting. That is a true innovation.”

Next Yves Guillemot confirms that Ubisoft has games in development beyond Just Dance 2017 saying that at least one title will "surprise" us. He says that the teams are inspired by the Switch's ability and that it opens up new possibilities.

It's interesting to see how excitable Ubisoft is for the Nintendo Switch, of cause they promised big things with the Wii U but failed to deliver the big things (though the Wii U ports of assassin's Creed 3 & 4, and Reyman are our preferred versions thanks to the gamepad) but to their credit they tried harder than another big third party publisher and as such took more "damage" for doing so. So to seem them so eager to jump in for another round does show they see Something in the new machine.

Abe's Take
Well, I'm sure everyone whose followed the Switch since NX news (rumours) will know that Ubisoft's sequel to cult classic 'Beyond Good and Evil' has been repeatedly reported as a Nintendo exclusive. It'll be interesting if Ubisoft will be present at Nintendo's party for the Switch in *checks watch* 68-ish days.

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