Monday, 7 November 2016

MOAR Switch Chatter!

How do? It's cold and wet in the UK today (like every other day) but we have some fresh Nintendo Switch chatter to share.

Yes, it is getting tiring coming up with openings to this articles, thanks for asking 'Daku Luke'.

Anyway, we have some Twitter chatter from Image and Form, the amazing devs behind the equally amazing Steamworld series (if you haven't played them yest do so!). Image & Form are currently taking questions for a special Q&A 'engine room' video, they aren't answering many questions directly in twitter but they did have this to say.

Takashi Mochizuki of the Wall Street Journal throws more a bit more light on this referencing an unnamed analyst. Normally we'd be wary of unnamed sources but Takashi has been pretty darn good at this so far.

Now what's interesting about Takashi's information is that people seem to be reading that as "Switch is weak" which isn't what he's said/wrote. Takashi's saying that the Switch is powerful in a different way. It's logical to assume that the Nintendo Switch, a handheld hybrid ISN'T chasing raw graphical grunt but thanks to Nvidia's technical wizardry has performance beyond its raw specs.

Abe's Take
, is its going to be a long two months-ish till the full reveal. We'll be keeping an eye out for Image & Form's Nintendo Switch special video. I doubt their NDA will allow for any real revelations but I'm sure there will be some little tidbits we didn't know.

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