Thursday, 3 November 2016

Rumour: Nintendo Switch Release Date

Nintendo Switch rumours ahoy! 

Prolific Nintendo Switch rumour... reporter? yeah, let's go with a reporter, Laura Dale is back with chatter about the Nintendo Switch's exact launch date.
So we're looking at a mid-March release date for our UK and EU readers, It also happens to be a Friday which is a fine day to release a new system. Ms Dale's source for these rumours is the very same one that provided her with the Nintendo Switch reveal. She also reports that Japanese launch will be earlier than the PAL release.

Dale is aware that people are speculating the 10th but that appears to be entirely based on March 10th can be shortened to "Mar10" but which to be fair Nintendo did make a big deal about that this year. It's also against the reported release date for the Breath of the Wild Amiibo's reported date of March 4th. It's possible the Wii U version to launch earlier but Nintendo had previously confirmed BotW would see a dual launch.

We've previously reported Nintendo expect to ship two million units at launch and it seems that UK retailer GAME is expecting a mid-month launch as they have open pre-orders at an eye-watering £999

People who've read our page before might have a Metal Gear style "! moment" at the release date as its the same as Monster Hunter XX's (read as "double cross") Japanese release, which is either incredibly heartless of Capcom (MH releases tend to damage Japan's national productivity) or there is a Switch port in the works.

Abe's Take
This is what we were expecting as March but of cause these are all rumour at the moment until we get real information from Nintendo at the Switch's full reveal on January 12th.

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