Tuesday, 1 November 2016

RUMOUR: End of Wii U/Capcom Multiformat Odds

Oh phew! was starting to think there wouldn't be any Nintendo Switch rumours today but here we are with some freshness.

Wii U's Death?
Whilst Nintendo has been repeatedly confirming the 3DS will carrying on after Switch they have been quiet on the Wii U. They once said the (then) NX wouldn't replace both systems but since it's reveal, the Wii U hasn't been mentioned and now Emily Rogers has apparently confirmed with her sources that the end is sooner than we'd think.

It's no the first time we've heard the Wii U will meet it's official end this year but this week? damn!

UPDATE: Eurogamer says their sources also confirm the Wii U's death this week.

Capcom's Multi-format 
Capcom is a desired third party for Nintendo Switch, as Monster Hunter sells portable systems like no other title that isn't Pokemon and us at GK-UK had instant flashes of Street Fighter when in the reveal you had two people playing on one Switch (Fun Fact: each Joy-Con has enough inputs for Street Fighter). Even back in the days of the NX rumour mill, people discovered that Resident Evil 7 was trademarked for "video game cartridges" alongside the usual disk and digital options, which lead to speculation it could see a Switch port. After all, Nintendo has since confirmed Capcom as an "official partner" for the Switch

However, the Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki has thrown a cloud of doubt over Capcom bringing their multiformat titles to the Nintendo Switch

If this is a roadblock to the likes of Street Fighter V or (preferably) Ultra Street Fighter IV from appearing on Switch, it should at least in theory block Monster Hunter (outside of the MMO) from heading back to Sony, which out of the two IP's is probably better for Switch.

Abe's Take
It's sad to see the Wii U officially end but it's the right thing to do, with a new system 5 months away and super little on the way for the machine.

And regards to Capcom I would love to see Monter Hunter, Resident Evil, Dragon's Dogma and Street Fighter on the Switch but I do have to rate Street Fighter in particular chances as very low. If Microsoft can not get USFIV on backwards compatibility then it's likely Sony has the IP locked down.

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