Thursday, 27 March 2014

Dead Space 1 "On The House" Act fast

Seem's that not being voted worst company in America for the third time has made EA very happy, So happy in fact they are giving people free games "on the house".

First up grab you copy HERE. Unless your against EA giving you free things though their Origin service then you're done here. Dead Space is the first title in their "on the house" promotion. Which is a little different to other free game give always, actually it's a little closer to the Black Friday flash sales. Titles and DLC will randomly loose their price tags for a unset amount of time before returning to their previous price.

Abe's Take
Free games are always nice (though current internet opinion seems to demand more) and Dead Space is a great game. This offer whilst a little odd works well for EA as it will cause Gamers to "window shop" Origin's store looking for the deals

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