Monday, 10 March 2014

Titanfall's Final Resolution Not All That Final

Ah the unending debate between the PS4 and Xbox One and their games resolutions. Titanfall joins the fray with an interesting answer

Titanfall hits in just 4 days and finally they've announced the shipped versions resolution. 792p yep the weird resolution from the beta. Which for the record looked pretty damn great, Then again I wasn't able to focus on graphical quality after avoiding bullets, stealth soldiers, oh and giant robots but I digress 

Respawn isn't happy with just leaving it there and are working on a patch. They plan on upgrading to 900p with anti-aliasing (less jaggies) or 1080p without. However they don't want to sacrifice anything in the game to achieve it. They haven't just left the game in it's beta form, They've improved what they have called 'worse cases' which is largely slow down in the frame rates.

Abe's Take
It's nice to hear a developer (that's not Nintendo) say they don't want to sacrifice for 1080p and it wouldn't be the first time a game got a resolution boost via patch. The PS4 versions of COD and Assassins Creed IV needed an 1080p patch. 

The resolution argument is one that needs to end soon, as it seems to mean even less know Killzone has been tested and its multiplayer ISN'T running in 1080p

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