Saturday, 1 March 2014

Games With Gold - March

Well this months games with gold will no doubt re-spark the row about PS+ having "better" games, However I think these months games are pretty great.

The first game available this month (1st -15th) is Civilisation Revolution, a remiggiered version of the PC classic and the best its ever been (on consoles). I own this on the PS3 and was my entry point into the franchise. It boils the game down to it's more basic elements but is still a damn fine game. There is also free DLC available.

This month's second game (16th - 31st) is Dungeon Defenders, An Co-Op Action RPG/Tower Defence hybrid (the 4th Tower Defence game in the Games With Gold promotion). Though the PC version got an lot of extra content the XBLA version was pretty darn good. In fact it's split-screen demo kept us entertained for a week. The fact that this is free should mean there'll be no shortage of co-op partners this month.

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