Monday, 17 March 2014

The Final Ultra Street Fighter IV Character Is Revealed

After month of teasing and hints Capcom finally announces the fifth and final USFIV character Decapre.

Decapre is the last of the dolls and a DNA clone of Cammy. Many online have misunderstood that as she is a pallet swap of Cammy. Decapre is Russian (like the rest of the Dolls is named after he birth month; December), She wears a mask to cover her burned face (likley at the hands of Vega) and is equipped with psycho energy claws for her close range attacks and whilst her specials have a Cammy/Doll feel to them they are all charged attacks and feature abilities such as teleport.

Check her out in the trailer below

Abe's Take
Capcom is taking some flak by online commenters for Ultra Street Fighter IV (the forth retail version of SFIV) and Decapre misunderstood status as "clone" isn't helping. However Capcom isn't expecting most SF IV players to buy this. The target for this release is tournament players with it's match recorder, direct Youtube uploading, the ability to play as different versions of the characters from the different SF IV releases and even it's release timing is geared towards the pro player, releasing the Digital version (both full and as DLC) in time for EVO 2014

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