Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sonic: Lost World FREE Zelda DLC Looks The Part

After the slightly lacklustre reviews of both the core game and the first Yoshi themed DLC, hopes wasn't exactly high for the next bout of free DLC. But the next chapter certainly looks the part.

Screenshot jacked from IGN, they have exclusive rights to the trailer for the moment.

The next DLC is Zelda themed and not only will Sonic gain links traditional tunic and hat but the content will also include a fully explorable, free roam Hyrule field. Not much is know about it other than there will be Zelda characters and creatures and not generic Sonic ones inserted into Hyrule.

The DLC will be out tomorrow March 27th, so Sonic: Lost World owners can tell us how great it is.

Abe's Take
Well done Sega you have my considering buying Lost World just for this content.
Looking at the screenshot I cant help but think that prehaps this is Sega's audition for making an Zelda game.

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