Sunday, 30 March 2014

UPDATE: Confirmed RUMOUR: Metro Redux Coming To Next Gen

From the depths of an Italian forum (which is admittedly only a few notches higher than "a friend of a friend says" and a little lower than an unheard of online retailer listing on the rumo-nitor) comes news of a new metro game... well not new.

Update: Deep Silver has confirmed Metro: Redux is real and details are coming "This side of E3"  and the above image is out of date.

This image was found on Italian gaming forum "ForumEye" which claims this is a remaster of both Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light bundled with all of the DLC and "enhancements". No actual details was revealed other than it'll come with Art cards and soundtracks (fairly common re-release mcgubbins) and an supposed release date Luglio 2014, that'll be June to you and me.

It's seems likely that the enhancements are likely the Ultra graphics from the PC versions and some additional tweaks. Though people are saying Metro 2033 will receive some of Last Lights improvements (improved stealth for one). Time will tell as June is not that far way.

Abe's Take
Metro 2033 is hard to get hold of now on consoles and Last Light reviewed rather well, So a remaster would make sense and would certainly help Deep Silver recover some of the funds they spent on acquiring Metro and it's developer. I really enjoy Metro Last Light and would love to play it and it's prequel on my Xbox One.  *However I feel the image is a fake, the box art looks a little off and the description mentions a PC version but no PC box is shown, usually these sorts of images contain either just the art from the box art with out any console borders or all the boxes layered.

* Update: well looks like I was wrong about that

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