Monday, 3 March 2014

Monday News Lump 3/3

Ultra Street Fighter 4
USF4 will feature 'edition select' which allows you to pick which version of character you want SF4, SSF4, SSF4:AE and ultra. Changing the characters stats, frames, hit boxes, ultra moves and cross guarding to match that game. If that meant nothing to you skip on. I recall this feature appearing in Street Fighter 2 anniversary and is expected to make appearances in NEXT years tournaments

DayZ Team Doubles
News comes that as the team is preparing a large survival update, it has doubled in size. Could this hint at console development?

Mass Effect Remastered?
It seems Bioware is discussing if they should do an "Remastered" trilogy for next gen systems. Apparently the discussion is all ready up to how they'd remaster it. Would it be a simple texture increase or would they address any issues like the Mass Effect 3 biggy (Tali's Face!)

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