Friday, 14 March 2014

Sale Titles Impressions

Picked up some titles in the sales. Due to the sales closing soon instead of review's I'll post impressions on the titles I've acquired

360 Sale - ends Monday
Foul Play currently £3.49

Fans of Castle Crashers, Side Scrollers and fans of characters named like Baron Dashford really should check out this side scrolling beat em up. The entire game is the "true" life stories of demon hunter Baron Dashford told though a stage show, complete with. All the bad guys are in-fact actors dressed in costumes. This game bleeds charm directly into your eyes.

Eternal Sonata currently £7.49

Fans of JRPG's and more precisely the 'Tales of...' games will enjoy this slightly odd VERY anime. The combat is turn based, though combat is free form. You are free to run around, attack, Use items and magic as you want within the time limit. The story is very much in the realms of anime. The game appears to be in a dying man's dream world. The art style doesn't look lifeless/doll like like a lot of anime games. The characters an nicely animated and designed.

3DS sale - ends Thursday

Steam Dig World currently £3.99

Steam Dig World can only be described as an Westen themed, Steampunk, metroid-vania, Terraria title. You'll explore a mine to find materials to sell and craft upgrades. as you explore the mine you'll discover caves which may hold upgrades like sprints and charge jumps that let you explore new areas. Much like the game's inspirations how it sounds and how it plays are different.

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