Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Assault on Arkham Trailer

The Arkham games hold the impressive title of not only being a good comic book game but actually some of the last generations best. The DC animated movies have also exceeded expectations for straight to DVD animated films. Now the two meet.

Assault on Arkham is set after Arkham Origins (the lesser of the series) and the original Arkham Asylum. The plot is the sort of thing you'd expect. Joker has planted a "dirty" bomb in Gotham and batman must stop him, however he isn't the only one. The Suicide Squad is out to stop Joker too.

For those who don't follow all of DC comics The Suicide Squad is a team made up of prisoners who are granted their freedom if they survive what ever the government needs them to do. Harley Quinn, Deadshot,  Killer Frost, Black Spider, King Shark and Captain Boomerang make up the team in the upcoming movie.

This should tie well into the games as Kevin Conroy (who at this point is the official voice of Batman) will return as Batman, Troy Baker returns to play Joker. (Baker has handled the role brilliantly since Mark Hammil retired from the character) and SPOILERS a post credits sequence on Arkham Origins hints at Suicide squad appearing SAFE

Abe's Take
I love the Arkham games, I love the DC animated films and so I love this. The above spoiler combined with the teams appearance on Arrow (Halrey Quinn cameo woo!), the Arkham series "apprently" ending with Knight and now this movie perhaps a Suicide Squad game is incoming?

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