Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Power Of Xbox One's Azure Cloud

During Its May reveal and its E3 show Microsfot talked a lot about the Power of the cloud and how it could improve games by off loading to the cloud. But a reversal in their online DRM meant that only online only games like Titanfall could really benefit from the  real time processing boost. 

But now we can see the power of the could... On a PC tech demo that show caused during Microsoft's BUILD conference last week.

The demo is running on the same specs on both machines, the power of the cloud is clearly... powerful, with the cloud version barely taking a hit to the frame rate whilst the other normal PC runs like my PC running Space Engineers (WOO! PC fail!). Time will tell how this will be used on the now offline One , perhaps the likes of Sunset overdrive and Fable: Legends will show off the Azure Cloud.

Abe's Take
After seeing this you can see why Microsoft was so insistent on having an "Always On" system and it's shame something as useful as this has to be relegated to "online only" games such as Titanfall and the upcoming Sunset Overdrive.

Family sharing, One time disc use, Cloud enhanced games and a less buggy OS at launch dose paint quite a different picture of the Xbox One

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