Thursday, 10 April 2014

SURPRISE Nintendo Direct

Well that was sneaky. Nintendo ninja delivered a new Direct video today, Announcing Tomodachi Life will be heading to the west.

What is Tomodachi Life? well it's a little hard to explain it's a little like a mixture of Animal Crossing and the Sims with a massive heap of lunatic Anime Soap Opera weirdness. However that would do the game a disservice, watching the direct should help you understand the weirdness.

The game uses the same sort of vocaliod tech that power Hatsune Miku the Japanese virtual pop star, which allows the game "speak" text, in practice what this means is that things like your name and catch phrases will be included in the audio.

The game hits 6th of June in both eShop and Retail.

Abe's Take
I've know of the Tomodachi games but have nether really seen them. So it's never really been on my radar but after seeing the bizare antics I now NEED this game.

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