Tuesday, 22 April 2014

RUMOUR: Smash Bro's 4 Roster Leaked

Another week, another Smash Bro's rumour. This one comes from a supposed leaked screen shot, which no one seems to have...

Update: ... Except they do. It's also looks about right.

Well lets get to the part with the details. Apparently there are 9 characters yet to be announced. Ganondorf, MetaKnight, Jigglypuff, Ice Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, Captain Falcon, Ness, Falco, and Chrom (from Fire Emblem Awakening).

There are some things to note:

  • All these bar Chrom are returning characters from Brawl (though Chrom would take Ike's place who took Roy's place) - which doesn't mean it's fake as smash 4 uses a lot of brawl (e.g. Characters who probably aren't that relavent I.E. lucario, Toon link, Jigglypuff and Sonic and character designs I.E. Link, Zelda and Marth not mirroring Skyward Sword or Fire Emblem: Awakening) 
  • With out further details Ganondorf, Falco and Cpt Falcon would suggest clone characters are returning despite claims of the opposite 
  • MetaKnight and Game & Watch really stick out at me. Smash bros 4 seems to be looking at the professional tournament players with the strict approach to balance, Lack of transformations, Clipping Pit's wings and many final destination variants. Metaknight is widely banned in tournament (and casual) play. Game and watch seemed like a throw away tribute character his return would be odd
  • There is additional rumour of Raiden being in smash bro's 4 (which would logicically include Snake)  this time cause by one of his voice/motion actor Reuben Langdon (Ken Masters, Dante and Raiden) who let slip he (and Raiden) was involved with Smash 4 before dismissing it as confusion with playstation all stars. Though it's worth noting a different actor played the character in that game.

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