Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Trailer #2

Man it's been a busy few weeks for us at Game Knights UK and that's entirely because of a sickness... Monster Hunter fever. As if our attempts at finishing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has offended Capcom they have released a new trailer for the next game

The trailer is actually for the Japanese release of G (so don't get excited by the 2014 date) an expanded version of 4 but as fans (usually) know the G games come west as a U game. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be hitting us westerners "early 2015"

The trailer shows of a lot of monsters from gen 1 and 2, creatures that was missing from MH Tri/3U, an seemingly new sandy desert level and what appears to be a few new sub-species (different coloured, different element versions of monsters), a dried out corpse of a Tigerex(!?!) and what appears to be an all new wyvern

Abe's Take
Seeing as we've just broke the HR cap on MH3U and are left making our own goals in order to reach the  final end game content. I've been hankering for that just starting out feel again and this trailer couldn't of been more effective. Here's to E3, lets hope we get some details about WHEN we get this  

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