Sunday, 6 April 2014

Monday News Lump 7/4

Monday's suck as usual and as usual a lot of news outlets horde their weekend news till Monday.

Microsoft looking into 360 emulation on Xbox One
This has been an hot topic since before the New Gen systems was even announced. Microsoft had looked into streaming 360 games much like the upcoming PlayStation Now service but ran in to trouble making it work in Europe or rural America (Sony has ran into the same issues but is carrying on with Now anyway).
Frank Savage, Partner Development Lead at Microsoft on the Xbox One's use of Windows was asked if there was any plans for 360 on One "There are, but we're not done thinking them through yet, unfortunately. It turns out to be hard to emulate the PowerPC stuff on the X86 stuff. So there's nothing to announce, but I would love to see it myself."

RUMOUR: Deus Ex Multiplayer
Edios Montreal is looking to hire a programmer with Multiplayer experience for a Deus Ex Universe project.
It's unknown if this is for a Multiplayer focused game or for a multiplayer mode for the next core Deus Ex title

DOOM beta for Next Gen only
Buying a copy of Wolfenstien: New Order will also net you Beta access to the next Doom title but only for the new systems an PC. Buying the 360 version will net you the Xbox One beta and same goes with PS3. I would take this as Doom being New Gen exclusive.

Evolve will be content rich
The house that Left 4 Dead built's next title will apparently dwarf L4D interns of content and playability. Multiple classes, multiple class variants, multiple planets, randomly selected wild life and multiple main monsters should produce a lot of replayabilty. Like L4D the environment and wild life combinations will be procedurally generated giving multiple play thoughts a different flavour.

Brutal Legend 2 may happen
But would require $30,000,000 to produce it, Though Tim Schafer says it's not likely to happen as he wants to work on new idea's first. Schafer also suggested the game would feature better RTS elements or scrap them entirely.

Minecraft Xbox info/One chatter
It seems the Xbox One version release date is "soon" and entirely up to the developers, this should hopeful reduce the need for a bug fixing patch. The 360 edition has reached 12 million sales and is approaching the PC sales. Those hoping for larger worlds to come to the 360 version will be upset as the developers have said larger worlds requires use of the 360's Hard drive and they can't guarantee players will have it.

Nintendo Owns Japan... In software
The numbers are in for the annual software sales and 9 titles are Nintendo with the 3DS doing the heavy lifting.

Pokemon X/Y (3DS): 4,328,008
Monster Hunter 4 (3DS): 3,429,862
Tomodachi Collection Shin Seikatsu (3DS): 1,635,099
Puzzle and Dragons (3DS): 1,358,548
Animal Crossing New Leaf (3DS): 774,152
Dragon Quest Monsters 2 (3DS): 710,303
Grand Theft Auto V (PS3): 699,182
Wii Party U (Wii U): 697,042
Yokai Watch (3DS): 652,803
New Super Mario Bros U (Wii U): 622,502

Also... DAMN look at MH4's sales 3,429,862 in Japan alone and i'm sure MH4G will probably match that so all the sales of MH4U (the western version) is just a bonus for Capcom

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