Monday, 28 April 2014

Mass Effect Trilogy for Xbox One, PS4 leaked By Retailer

Well looks like the HD re-releases hasn't died with the advent of the new generation of systems as predicted. 

Mass Effect Trilogy new gen systems has been hinted at by Bioware as a way of trying out what works and what doesn't on the new systems so the next Mass Effect wont be hampered by 'growing pains' of the new systems and would help new fan catch up to speed with the story before 4. Now "Zmart" has Mass Effect Trilogy listed for both PS4 and Xbox One with what looks like fairly convincing box art (which itself looks like an updated version from the last gen trilogy)

There is zero details on what the new trilogy actually contains. Dose it have ALL the DLC? Have they gave the games a facelift or is it just upscaled it? Have they added a little more polish to Mass Effect 1?

Abe's Take
I hope they give this the Tomb Raider treatment and on the wild dreams side fixed mass effect 3 to reflect player choices in more than a tick box as the original did. This will be good for people who a) sold their last gen systems, b)Never played the ME series or c) Those wanting to revisit the first game with out their eyes bleeding (Actually mass effect one is holding up kinda... ok)

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