Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Fresh Screens/Detials of Hyrule Warriors

Well looks like that trailer we saw for Hyrule Warriors wasn't some crazy fever dream as fresh screens and details have appeared in this months Famatzu magazine.

First up details. Hyrule Warriors is set to hit Japanese stores on August 17th, a western launch cant be that far behind. The story will revolve around Zelda being kidnapped (surprise!) by a Witch call "Shea" and Link's quest to rescue her.

A surprising detail is that Dynasty Warriors developers Omega Force are not developing this alone they are working with Team Ninja of Dead Or Alive fame. Whilst both studio's leaders Hisashi Koinuma and Yosuke Hayasahi are producing the game, Lead Zelda developer/director Eiji Aonuma is overseeing the games development .

Koei Tecmo is pretty happy with the game so far, They expect to "sell a million easily" and hope this will lure Zelda fans into trying more Warrior titles (making the recent announcement of Samurai Warriors 4 as Playstation Exclusive even odder)

It's nice to see Link's Hurricane Slash/ UP & B 

Link's design is a little different to his normal games

Here's link not wearing his normal outfit... Hylian Knight maybe?

That's... A lot of Boob for a Zelda Game

Not quite sure Who this is but i am sure he robbed a Monster Hunter
On the way to work

Abe's Take
I'm Quietly excited about this game, I accentually called this existing back in the Wii era. Although I am slightly worried about how quiet this game has been. That being said E3 is just around the courner and I'm Sure this will be there.

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