Thursday, 29 May 2014

Nintendo Has A Surprise

Last week a company announced they was releasing an GameCube styled Classic Pro Controller for Smash Bro's Wii U. 

Whilst licensed the pad has to be connect to a Wiimote. Nintendo has decided that isn't good enough. Introducing the GameCube USB Adapter

Yes when we return to Smash Bro's on Wii U we'll be able to use the "perfect" controller. As you can see it accepts 4 pads for the classic local experience and connects via two USBs (assuming 1 is for power) I wonder if this will work with Mario Kart 8. I am fairly sure this makes the Wii U the most backward compatible system ever. 

Apparently we'll learn more at E3.

Abe's Take
This. Is. Awesome! Now I have two questions 1) where can I get that pad. And 2) dose these mean GameCube games are coming to VC? Considering the pad only has 3 sholder buttons I doubt it'll work on just any game.

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