Monday, 19 May 2014

Halo 5: Guardians Annouced, Halo: Master Chief "Leaked"

Well looks like publishers cant wait till E3 as games are being announced left, right and centre. One unsurprising game that got a surprising early announce was the next chapter in the Halo series.

Yep Halo 5 the next chapter in Microsoft's flagship exclusive has been announced BEFORE E3. We don't know too much about the title other than its running on an entirely new engine that will "power Halo on Xbox One" (meaning future games will run on the same engine). They're aiming for 60 FPS, Dedicated servers and all that sort of goodness. 343 Studios is also saying that the new Spartan is an "new character" theories run from  Cortana, A human from the time of the forerunners to a custom player like halo: Reach. i'm sure we'll find out more at E3 and other events leading up to it's Fall 2015 release date

The other big Halo news was the apparent leaking of Halo: Master Chief. People have been expecting a Halo 2 remake after Microsfot refused to say Halo 5 will hit this year, but apparently we was short sighted. several sources are saying Halo 1, 2, 3 and 4 are all getting remastered for Xbox One as a collection. Details just aren't there right now but looking at Halo: Anniversary (pictured above) we can make some guess' about the collection.

  • New Graphics, Classic Gameplay - Though the graphics will receive and make over the gameplay will be the same as the original releases.
  • Extra Features - H:A recieved Kinect support and an collectable database.
  • Classic Campaign, Modern Multiplayer - Given that this collection features 4 games it would be difficult to give each game it's own multiplayer. It's likely that like H:A each game will have a selection of maps ported to the halo 4 multiplayer mode... unless the collection uses a beta version of halo 5's engine (343 did say they was developing the multiplayer first)  
Abe's Take
Halo 5 is expected and i wonder what new direction the series will go, i enjoyed Halo 4 alot and cant wait to see 5.

The collection is much more interesting than just Halo 2 remastered. I felt that Halo's first New-Gen title shouldn't be just H2 tarted up. I was hopping for another ODSt style spin off but i imagine that'll be after 5

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