Friday, 2 May 2014

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Leaks

Call of Duty the big annual yearly released. "hated" by gamers, loved by gamers. This years entry looks like it's going to switch some of those around.

First let's look at the trailer WARNING contains Kevin Spacey

It's nice to know Sledge Hammer games have been watching recent SciFi action movies recently. Exosuits, stocky gloves, hoverbikes and Titanfall's jump boosters (and jump kicks it seem). All (seemingly) shaking up the core COD experience

I'm sure we'll learn more during CoD's official revel on the 3rd May IF they are still going ahead after the leak.

Abe's Take
My personal (and others) complaints with COD has been the familiarity of each entry. The tone, the engine and even the settings have been the same. The Treyarch games attempted to break this up with "period" games with WW2, Cold War and the future. Whilst effective to a degree the core gameplay and flow has been the same.
IF Advanced Warfare brings it's all of single player tech over to Multiplayer and has some interesting level designs this could lure disheartened CoD players

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