Sunday, 11 May 2014

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Revealed

Well looks like Pokemon fans on website and forums and keep quiet as Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are getting a make over. Yes we're a tat late but we also bring NEW news

Fans have been begging for a return to the Hoenn region pretty much after Heart Gold/ Soul Silver was announced and whilst they get their wish, everything will not be the same as it once was. The announcement trailer for Omega Ruby and Omega Sapphire used words like "new adventure" and "dynamic world" leading some people to believe these will be pseudo-sequels.

Whilst we don't know much a new teaser popped up online showing some alpha gameplay footage

Yep it appears instead of just porting the GBA data across and fancying it up a lot Nintendo and Gamefreak have decided to remake Ruby and Sapphire in the 3d engine used in X and Y. This might seem a surprise but you have to remember that the Ruby/Sapphire 'Mons are in X and Y's coding as its possible to (painfully) transfer (see below) pokemon from the original GBA games to the 3DS games.

"Fans" are now crying out for an Emerald remake but that seems unlikley as there was no "Electric Yellow" or "Mind Crystal"  in previous generations as most of these games extra features usually end up as part of the next generation's core game. We also haven't seen "Pokemon Z" (rumoured to be a DLC expansion to X/Y) yet.

Abe's Take
Seeing as transferring Pokemon from Ruby Sapphire means sending a mon from the GBA games to the first two DS games (Pearl/Diamond or Heart Gold/Soul Silver) to the second set of DS games (Black/White 1/2) and then into Pokemon bank I think this will sell well enough... Which reminds me i best go buy Heart Gold some-point before November.

Also i saw a comment about these games announcement that i'd like to share "Pokemon Ruby and Fire Red are part of my childhood" anyone else feel old now...?

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