Tuesday, 13 May 2014

June's FIVE Games With Gold

Good news Everybody! Have you been enjoying your Bi-Monthly (that's twice a month not random sexy time) free games for the last year but sadly there isn't 2 free games next month... THERE'S FIVE!

Yes 5 games are coming in June. 2 are the regular 15 day affair, 1 is a bonus birthday game and 2 are Xbox One games. Yes it has finally happened monthly free games for the New-Gen Xbox though there is a catch. The X1 games are only yours whilst you have Gold. So No Gold, No Play. We're unsure how this affects family members on the same Xbox as the One only needs 1 gold account to enable all to play online. Will family members need a gold account to play these games as they wasn't "bought like the 360 version? Dont Worry 360 owners this hasn't changed on the old-gen machine.

June's Games are 1st Dark Souls (360) & Max & The Curse Of Brotherhood (One). Then from the 16th it's Charlie Murder (360) & Halo Spartan Assault (One) and available all month long Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition (360), Which happens to be a good deal as the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter 4 can be bought cheaper and earlier as DLC for SSFIV:AE

Abe's Take
Whilst its good to finally see Games With Gold finally arrive on Xbox One I am a little disheartened about the PSN+ subscription lock out whilst maintaining the limited "buying" window. I suspect this was done in an attempt to preserve the featured games sale value. Something that has caused issues on Steam and PSN+

I can't help but be annoyed that Dark Souls is a free game, not because of the game itself but I recently bought it during the "Spring Sale" - I'd like in future that Games With Gold either locks out a game for several months after a sale or put GWG games on sale AFTER so people who missed the title has a chance.

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