Thursday, 22 May 2014

Even More Zelda: Hyrule Warriors Screens Featuring IMPA

Well looks like someone left a gate open because even more Zelda: Hyrule Warriors screens have appeared online. Showing a new player character and some pre hero stuff

Some new details have appeared. First the game will support co-op across TV and Gamepad, The game will feature multiple player characters and in true Zelda fashion multiple weapons can be found in chests and effect how the character plays. Bombs and magic wand have been confirmed so far.

Royal Guard Impa has been confirmed has the first not Link Player character, She weilds one hell of a katana. Her design is a nice blend of Classic Zelda and the Warriors series. (I wonder who put the Eye of Truth on her breast plate ... Team Ninja).
Impa's Close Up
That's one hell of a Katana
That's one hell of a DOWN & A
Looks like the sword is damn heavy

Pre Hero Link's Close Up
I wonder if this outfit will appear in Smash Bros
That'll... hurt
a nice look at one of his weapon sets
MUSOU! looks Link's will draw on all his history
Nice to see somethings never change
Triforce power?
Twilight portal?
I wonder who Team Ninja designed

Still unsure who this is
Is that a weapon.... or a HAND?

this chap looks VERY Zelda like

Gurdo Valley? 
Fairy Fountain?

Hyrule Castle

Desert Temple?

Hyrule Field 

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