Monday, 19 May 2014

What We Want To See At E3

E3 is coming guys and it seems like it might be a doosey with publishers announcing titles (Farcry 4, Halo 5) before E3 just to free up space in their E3 presentations.

E3 is always big but this year it's a fight. Microsoft and Sony have to make good on all those promises about their next-gen hardware. Nintendo has to show their Wii U still has some punches left in it.


Abe - I want to see Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate come to Wii U. Considering the Wii U versions of 3U was deemed a "smash hit" by Capcom I'd like to see some Wii U Monster hunter action. If not MH$U then maybe Monster Hunter Frontier GG ?

Chris - DRAGONS DOGMA! Either a "Portable" game on 3DS or a Next-Gen sequel but Co-op needs to come to DD [Play as a Pawn in Co-op? a million times yes -Abe]

Ben - Dead Rising Online/ 4

Wild Card - A Capcom developed Zelda for 3DS, A new lost planet... a proper one!


Abe - Man Ubisoft has been on fire over the last few years, I am interested in what Assassin's Creed game is coming to Old-Gen systems since Unity is New-Gen only. Speaking of AC, I hope we see something new from Unity. The Alpha footage looked very very very pretty but also looked VERY Assassins Creed 2. I am hoping to hear about Ubi's Wii U plans as they haven't mentioned any since delaying Watch_Dogs Wii U for the second time and announcing that only (the Excellent) Child Of Light and not Valiant Hearts was coming to Wii U.

Ben - Farcry 4!!! More Assassin's Creed in boats!

Chris - Co-Op!

Aaron - Farcry 4, Assassin's Creed "comet" and "unity"



2K Games

Saints Row Fun In GTA Online
Abe - GTA Online - Heists, map expansion (Liberty City and with a little work Red Dead Redemption game world would seem easy enough) and Next Gen port

Aaron - Borderlands: Pre-sequel! maybe a teaser for Borderlands 3?

Ben - Borderlands for Next-Gen


Everyone - Will COD's core gameplay actually different in multiplayer?

Abe - Will Destiny end up looking like an MMO with hundreds of people standing around?


Abe - With 6 unannounced titles on their way to E3, I hope they Battlefield alone to breath and give something else a spin. I wonder if the Rumours of New-Gen mass Effect Trilogy is true.

Ben - Battlefront 3 and any other Star Wars would be great.


Abe/Chris/Aaron/Joe/Ben - Halo 5, Halo: Collection, Halo TV, Halo Film!

Chris - Fable Legends... Surrender your secrets!

Abe - Sunset Overdrive , State of Decay's future, Titanfall content expansion

Wild Card - Backwards compatibility, preferably one where you don't have to pay to replay games you own would be a big win VS Sony.


Abe - How much is Playstation Now gonna cost?, How much is Project Morpheus? and just how badly is The Order being miss represented?


Abe - Looking forward to their New IP and Gamepad games. Also very interested in their NFC Figure games. Also the mysterious Project X

Joe - Smash Bros, New 3DS games and more Fire Emblem

Chris - Hyrule Warriors! Zelda U! Majora's Mask?

Wild Card - Platinum games making Star Fox, New Metroid, Retro making an New IP and what 3rd parties are going to licence Nintendo characters... Pokemon X Monster Hunter Anyone?


Ben - Fallout or Elder Scrolls please!

Abe - Tomb Raider 2 (provided it keeps focused), Batman Arkham Knight and and FPS with a tight Focused story with out the bombastic globe trotting.

Anita - Limbo 2, Miencraft X1/ 3DS

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