Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Battlefield: Hard line leaked, announced and then trailered

Well that was a wild twelve hours for battlefield fans. First micro transaction catch up items appeared in BF 4 and then a whirlwind of rumour, leak and announcement for Battlefield: Hard line

Ever since Medal of Honour was shelved everyone wondered what would replace battlefield this November since Titanfall hit in March. It was thought that Battlefront would take it's slot but it turns out we're getting a Spin off but what is it? Future? Past? Turns put its Cops and robbers. Before you worry check out the gameplay vid

Yep Battlefield gets a full Police makeover. Gone are the military vehicles, uniforms and setting. In are civilian vehicles (super bike looks nice), fancy uniforms and general crime.

With a heavy focus on gadgets (which you are free to use anywhere), open environments and unique mission objectives it looks like the multiplayer will be farely unique. It's unknown if the "classic battlefield" modes return.

Drawing on cop shows the story mode has been separated into episodes and offers multiple ways of complete your objective. Which is something the BF3 and 4 stories desperately needed

Abe's Take
Between Titanfall, Far cry 3 and BF4's rocky launch. I like many others have grown tired of the modern military shooter. The Cops and Robbers theme has be somewhat underused. Payday and APB being the only ones that come to mind. For now I am on board for this

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