Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Humble Store Sale & FREE GAME

We are big fans of the Humble Bundle here, We great great games at great prices and charity gets an awful lot of money. When they announced their Humble Store it was a great way for PC gamers to get the games they wanted, at a discount and support charities all at the same time.

And so now begins "Humble Stores' End of Summer Sale" where many titles are 40% or more off. That's not all as there are also "dollar deals", Flash Sales and a free game every Monday. Because this is a US site it means that its Tuesday here but still Monday there for the next 8 hours. So get over there and grab today's free game. Warlock: Master of the Arcane an 4X (Civ) fantasy game.

So that's a free game every Monday, Daily deals, And saving across the board. So head on over to the Humble Store. Grab the free game and have a look at their stock. Also check out their Humble Bundles.  They have an Indie and Star Trek comic flavours

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