Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Nintendo Gives Mario & Co an J-Pop Make Over

Mario doesn't exactly have a lot of clothing, He dose his heroing, karting, partying, sporting, and "work" in the same clothes. Sure he has a doctor's outfit (little creepy) and a Tux. Why we rambling about this well Nintendo has a new advert for the New 3DS.

Yes that happened, The new trailer is obviously highlighting the New 3DS's customisation options. Namely the new face and back plates (we still don't have confirmation that the New XL also feature these). Nintendo hired Japanese singer and designer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (don't worry first we've heard of her too) for the advert and according to legend the designs themselves.

In other news over 50 themes will be available to download in October in Japan (other territories are unknown right now) all hitting between 60 and 100 yen (that's about 30p - 60p, though I expect that rounded up to 50p - £1). Seems Nintendo is throwing some weight behind the Monster Hunter 4 G (Ultimate) launch as it is receiving 2 themes and several faceplates.

Want a New 3DS? Well we'll have to wait till 2015, We suspect the same time as the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate launch as its the only upcoming game that will use that second analogue stick.. A LOT!.
However there is an alternative for those desperate for a New 3DS in the UK. The system will be launching in Australia in November 2014 and Australia just happens to be a PAL country.

Abe's Take
I really hope these designs make their way into something! Perhaps DLC for Smash Bros? The advert it self is wonderfully weird and Japanese, Much like Nintendo themselves.

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