Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Minecraft X1 Release Date Confirmed

Boy it has been a hell of a wait, after being announced at last years E3 most assumed we'll have Minecraft on Xbox One by Christmas... we did not. IT's been over a year but we finally have a release for the crafting phenomenon on Microsoft most recent shiny box.

Friday, Yes THIS Friday. That's the 5th September and we as such we now have extra information. First up is the price £15.99 for new players but if you own (or have played the original version whilst connected to Xbox Live) you can upgrade to the Next Gen version for a teeny tiny £3.99, which is rather a good deal (which only applies to the first year of the new games release.). Further good news for repeated customers ALL DLC packs will transfer from 360 to X1 so feel free to buy that Dr Who skin pack or that Skyrim mash-up pack you've been hesitantly hovering over. Retail version will hit around Christmas

The game worlds will be 36 times larger which is great for people like us who enjoyed the PC version but played console version in splitscreen with friends and family, but felt trapped be the small worlds. Existing players will be able to load up the 360 version and upload their worlds to the cloud and then upgrade them for X1 for free. so you'll have a base of operations set up. Custom servers and expanded multiplayer are coming post launch along side the regular updates the game receives.

Abe's Take
Fun Fact: This game has been so anticipated here in the GKUK towers the X1 has been welded to the main TV (and not the gaming ones) since launch because of my partners desire to play this.

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