Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Watch_Dogs Wii U Dated

News that we surely brighten our newest member and a selection on Wii U owners. The twice delayed Wii U version has finally be given a release date.

Early thie morning Ubisoft Mexico annouced the game would be hitting Latin American shelves in November, Now Ubisoft have officaly given the EU release date of November 16th, which just happens to be the same time as both Assassins Creed: Rouge, and Unity. With both AC games missing the Wii U this was the date was expected, and as it stands this will be Ubisoft's last "mature" title for the system.

No other details was given about the Wii U version, it's unknown if it'll appear as a bundle with all the DLC or if it will get any DLC at all. All we know abouyt this version is the gamepad will feature a "interactive map" which seeing as the Wii U 6 month delay was to "enhance the game for the gamepad" seems a little... light.

Abe's Take
I predicted this would arrive alongside the Assassins Creeds which makes sense to Ubisoft but mid November is rather full for Wii U (and gaming in general). It's up against several big sellers for Nintendo's system including Sonic, Skylanders, and Lego Batman 3, but also is the expected release date for Smash Bro's for Wii U. If the game doesn't come with at least all the story DLC then Ubi has clearly sent it out to die so they can point to it and go "see that's why X game isn't coming to Wii U"

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