Sunday, 7 September 2014

Miiverse Artist's Epic Williams Tribute

It's been nearly a month since the legendary Robin Williams died and the world continues to morn his loss even as other legends join him; Richard Attenborough and (most recently) Joan Colins. Williams loss has hit gamers that hardest, Most gamers grew up with his films but he was also one of us. Williams was a big World of Warcraft fan and they will be bringing in an genie tribute to him in their next expansion. But his very favourite was The Legend of Zelda so much so he name his daughter after the princess, Nintendo is looking at doing their own tribute but Gamers have yet to make theirs. 

The above image was drawn by Miiverse Artist "Craig" using the Art Academy Sketch Pad app, It took him 13 days to complete this rather magnificent piece of true art. This labour of love is so detailed it's hard to believe it was done on the gamepad alone. Craig also added the legendary Hook quote "to live... to live will be an awfully big adventure." Since his death there has been thousands of tributes and many of the clever or simply charming and is a testament to the man of joy.

Abe's Take
We didn't report on William's death because I simply couldn't bring myself to do so, This man was a corner stone of my childhood along with the medium we all shared with the man. I know this loss was felt by many. In my house hold we celebrated his life's work and watched our favourite Robin William's films and we felt the joy the man gave us again. I had originally planned on ending this with the "genie you're free" scene from Aladdin but he wouldn't want the joy to end so instead I though this would be more fitting.

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  1. I know our reader's aren't usually one for comments but It would be nice to hear people's memories of the man