Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Zombie NEWS!

Now (sadly?) this isn't news of actual, factual zombies attacking the popular people from secondary (high) school or a virus spreading though the world. This is three news stories that skipped us by.

State of Decay coming to X1.
The title says it all really. The wildly successful (2nd best seeling game on Xbox live) and freshest zombie game (no DEAD in the title for a start) will be coming to the Xbox One
The upgraded port will feature both DLCs but with features and characters transferring back from Lifeline (DLC 2) to Breakdown (DLC1) and then to the core game. The team also plan on adding fresh content to the game, though the team was eager to point out this will be more missions and characters for the "system" (SoD's random world events), and not full DLC type things. The team all ready has the 360 version running on the X1 but aren't happy with just porting it and as such are reworking the art assets and animations to bring it more in line with Next Gen gaming (again devs are eager to point out it wont be a true next gen game). Here is a wildly loose trailer for it.

Resident Evil REmake RErelease gets trailer.
The 1080p HD upgrade to the Gamecube remake (known to fans a REmake) is set for early 2015 and looks... well a lot like the game GC game. They have done work to the character textures, brought in a new lighting engine and seemed to of hired cleaners to give the mansion a good polish. Gameplay will be unchanged from the GC version too, however there will be a "modern" control method. Fans of Resident Evil Revelations (news for you shortly) don't get excited as this control method is only the movement being in relation to the character not the screen. Check out the trailer and a comparison screen shot below

Resident Evil Revelations 2 formally announced.
The wildly successful 3DS (and mildly successful HD port) game that merged classic Resident Evil pacing and setting, with gameplay from the recent titles rather well. The game was leaked via 360 box are a few weeks ago but with no details. Now we have an announce trailer, vague details (Chris and Jill will not return) and platform details its coming to PC, 360/X1 and PS3/4.  Yes for some reason this is skipping 3DS and Wii U despite sales of the 3DS original out sold the others combined and the Wii U version did "well".

Abe's Take
I have a whole range of feelings on these. State of Decay was a gem. Zombies being more an environmental threat and survival being the main goal, made the game feel exceptionally fresh. Permadeath made exploration an risk but ever dwindling supplies made it necessary.

The RErelease on the other hand doesn't look good enough for a game that's jumped from the GC era to now. The extra polish highlights how rough the game's classic animations are. It will be interesting to see what reviews make of its combat as modern survival horror games (ZombiU, Dead Space and Silent Hill) are punished for "unreliable" combat. Personally i think combat should be unreliable in a horror games as it strips us of our years of skill and makes us vulnerable again.

As for RE:R2 I was excited when it sounded like we was getting a sequel made by the same guys but now, now I am saddened that I wont be able to play it on the two systems I own the original on. Though there are rumours that it will in fact appear on the NEW 3DS.

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