Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Here Comes A New Challenger... Well A Team Member

As we hurtle towards Christmas and the impending tidal wave of Autumn/Winter releases. Things tend to shift from news, as everyone gets dives deep into their new games and various winter festivals, and towards reviews and features.

Today we are pleased to announce J. Maxey will be joining our little team and will produce various reviews and features. The first of his "Hourglass" reviews is live now viewable HERE and over at our reviews page. These reviews will look at some gems, classics and failures from gaming history. Warning; lets just say a little... "honest" and some games may not survive the process.

Maxey: Thank you for welcoming me to the blog I feel very humble to be accepted as a part of its staff. I would like to thank Abe and Tanasha for trusting me with an inch of space along with my shibunken goldfish, and stresssball zebra for allowing me the patients necessary to review.

On the move towards halloween, I will be running over a selection of new and older games holding a spooky or darker aestethic under the title "hourglass" these reviews may vary in quality as undeniably will the games themselves...additional notes thrown in here and there to prevent the average Divekick champion in the back falling asleep.

Abe's Take
It's great to get fresh blood on the team and I am sure Maxey has a lot of retro reviews and look backs planned. This should help us fill up the reviews page

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