Monday, 15 September 2014

Destiny Sales Splits

Well it seems Sony might not be totally happy with the exclusive advertising rights they paid for Destiny. I would be too if I spent an tone of money and got seemingly nothing out of it. Well at UK retail.

UPDATE: We got the full breakdown now 46% PS4, 36% X1, 14% 360 and 4% PS3.

Yes seems despite the sales lead and Destiny ONLY being advertisements for the PS4 the UK high street didn't seem to care as Destiny's sales currently 50/50 split between Xbox and PlayStation systems. Another rather surprising detail is that this "social based" shooter sold better on X1 than the X360, The 36% to 14% is odd considering a lot of 360 owners haven't upgraded to the X1 yet and the endgame content is locked to friends only. Of cause this doesn't reflect digital sales and Activsion giving away new-gen digital copies with old-gen digital copies is sure to lure people to the digital side of things.

We currently don't have a sale breakdown for Sony systems but it'll be interesting to see if that mimics the X1/360 split. we'll update if we find them.

Abe's Take
I'm sure the guys at Microsoft UK are high five-ing each other today. I think MS has done rather good job of advertising the game on their own systems, letting their players know its out for their system too. I wonder if this split follows in the US and EU. I do worry this might make Sony be more aggressive in terms of securing future content.

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