Thursday, 17 July 2014

Cat Mario Hits eShop

Seems nowadays simply having games on a games console isn't enough. MS has several programs in development, Sony has got their ball rolling with the long dormant Powers TV show and now has Nintendo has thrown their hat in the ring. Well near the ring anyway. Well towards the ring.

Introducing "The Cat Mario Show"
As you can tell by the title this will be a hard hitting drama detailing the political strife in the mushroom kingdom and it neighbours, think Game of Thrones but with cat suits and denim dungarees... Oh wait it's a puppet show to help the newest generation of gamers with Nintendo games. The first episode is available now on eShop and covers Super Mario 3D World. The plan is to release new episodes for new games for both Wii u and 3DS... I suspect it's presenters will get Amiibo that will act as the Super Leaf (and other low difficulty modifiers 

Abe's Take
I suspect this will get watched over and over in our household, that number will increase tenfold if it hits YouTube.

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