Monday, 21 July 2014

MASSIVE rainbow 6 Video appears

It seems after years of Call of Duty, Last years rough Battlefield 4 Launch and Titanfall shaking up the online multiplayer. It seems like the perfect time to bring something else to the table.

until last year the FPS genre has become saturated by "gritty" modern shooters. All running around with the same dull face, same guns and the same brown and grey contrasts. It looked like the FPS market had been played out (much like the music genre before it) but then came a string of releases that changed that. Farcry 3, Blood Dragon, Payday 2, Wolfenstien, Titanfall, (the incoming destiny) and even the Meh Alien Colonial Marines showed us FPS could have colour, could have fun, could be about anything and multiplayer didnt have to be like CoD or Battlefield.

Now the rule book has been thrown out games are off doing there own thing such as Rainbow Six Siege for which we have 24 Minutes of live stream footage for you. This Raindbow Six isn't like the last few that tried to lure the CoD crowd, Seige is bring back what the series stood for; Tactics, Teamwork and... Hostages!

Abe's Take
In a year where people are feeling burnt out with CoD and weary of Battlefield R6: Seige could easily become many's go to online game. Unless CoD or BF: Hardline are major shake ups of the core gameplay I can see myself buying this and Team GK-UK will comically struggle to rescue/hold the hostage

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