Sunday, 20 July 2014

Harmonix looking at Rock Band

It's been a while since activision completely killed the music came genre by releasing 6-8 different Guitar (and other) Hero titles in one year.

Harmonix is wondering if enough time has passed and is seeking your thoughts on the matter, Which you can do by completing this Survey. Considering they have at least 4 projects on the way (that we know about) It seems unlikely there will be any to announce for awhile.

The survey wants to know stuff like what system you used, if you still have any instruments and a list of 5 things for you arrange in most wants to least wants; like if you want a new game on old-gen or new-gen and if you want new controllers.

Abe's Take
I loved Rock Band and when the mood is right we brake out the plastic pretend instruments to relive our (faux)glory. I would gladly buy another... but there would be conditions. Like having the option of using instruments we still have, would be amazing if we could import our song library from last-gen to new-gen. Personally I wouldn't mind either RB4 or an new-gen complete edition.

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