Tuesday, 22 July 2014

First Look At Frontiers Edge Pack for Titanfall

There was complaints that the maps in Titanfall was all too "samey" along with "lack of" content but they have been approaching that with the DLC map packs and free Content updates. The first map pack added a Jungle, a VR simulation and a very "samey" level

The second map pack is looking like it will bring the break the so called "samey" feel to the maps.

First up we have Haven, This rather shiny map is set in an "exclusive" sun draped beach resort. Which has apprently escaped the conflict till now

Haven will feature large buidling both to run along but also inside of allowing for some tense pilot vs pilot action. Titans will occupy the streets as well as the beach and the roadway

Second up is Dig Site which (proably because we've been playing Alien recently) reminds me of Hadley's Hope from Aliens.

This level is set in the side of a mountain in a mining facility. this level will be filled with winding routes and lots of high ground for pilots. Dig Site is said to off mid to close range combat so keep an eye out for SMG's

Last up is Export, The final map is set in what is being called a "boom town", a settlement that exists because of successful mining of rare materials.

This map is set up for "house to house" close quarters combat for Pilots and plenty of natural choke points for Titans. With a smattering of roof tops for pilots to battle over and then attack rival titans.

All in all the new maps are visually interesting and do look like they will have different play styles (for the most part) to previous maps.

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