Friday, 18 July 2014

DOOM Revealed

Bad news friends! Doom 4 is no more. Gone is the sequel to the mildly warm reviewed Doom 3, Gone is the slow paced narrative lead horror. Good news friends DOOM has be revealed.

We knew Bethesda kicked Doom 4 back for failing to live up to the franchise and now we know what that means. DOOM is returning to it's roots, gone is the "CoD style horror" now it's the mother of violence!

Back is the gore, the fantastical weaponary, back on Mars fighting the (always a good idea-that-never-backfires) "unholy union" of (demon) flesh and machine.

Not that you'll be underarmed in anyway players will be treated to weapons like the Plamsa Rife, all heat sinks and fans that will (thanks to next gen only power) have a devastating effect on enemy flesh but also give you some form of seizer

The main selling point of the recent wolfenstien was its DOOM beta access so we can assume some multiplayer will be involved, possibly readying us for a quake game.

No release date is given for DOOM and as of yet can't be preordered however... Wolfenstien is current £31.85 for the Next Gen versions and still comes with the Beta. (Game itself is also and fantastic selute to classic shooters

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