Thursday, 17 July 2014

Fatal Frame Wii U Footage Appears

Well we told you we'll be back like some ghostly visage of an long departed ancestor, which brings us nicely to this.

First check out the trailer. WARNING trailer is Japanese

Well what to say about that? It doesn't appear that Nintendo gave any restrictions to Koeo Tecmo and looks like how any classic Japanese horror movie should - Dark and kinda grainy.

It also looks really good, graphically speaking when I watching the trailer I got flashes of the recent Tomb Raider which is rather high praise.

We've got some gameplay details as well! The navigation will play out like any game from the last 10 years, however the combat will be handled exactly how a game about a camera exclusive to Wii U would. You'll be using the Gamepad as the camera and you'll will be able to rotate and look about separately to the screen (think ZombiU/Lego City scanner). Much like the "VR" systems doing the rounds and the 3DS book game combo of Fatal Frame.

We don't know of it'll launch westward as only one of the last 2 Wii Fatal Frames was released (and only in Europe at that) but the Wii U has different challenges to Wii and lack of constant games is one so it is possible.

Abe's Take
It looks like this is shaping up to be worthy addition to the series, the Wii U and the genre.

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