Tuesday, 22 July 2014

First look Halo 5's Agent locke

A while ago we got a look at the Halo 5: Guardians box art (below) and it showed chief but also an new character. Now we can see under the hood of the new character

There was a lot of guess work, was it really a Spartan? could it be Cortana in a robot body? Small details started to appear. We now know its a Spartan by the name of Agent Locke and that he'll co-star not only in Halo 5 but also Halo: Nightfall the live action series produced by Ridley Scott.

Agent Lock will be played by Mike Colter (The Good Wife and The Following) and (is Believed) he will also voice the character in Halo 5. It's also believed that Agent Locke will appear in some form in Halo: Master Chief Collection's meta story told though terminals hidden though Halo 2 and 3.

Trailer for the said collection suggests that Locke has a history with chief and seems to be reciving someform of training from the Arbiter

Abe's Take
We still don't know that much about Locke. Why is he an Spartan but doesn't carry a Navy rank perhaps he is part of O.N.I (Office Of Navel Intelligence)? Is he hunting Chief? I sure hope he doesn't turn out to be Johnson's son but it should be rather fun finding out

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