Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Titanfall Update 5 and DLC land soon

Titanfall has evolved a lot since it's launch way back in march, new content in the form of modes, maps and functions have been added over the months along side the usual tweaks and fixes.

Titanfall will go though some extra changes this Thursday as a new update hits along side the new map pack.
First up is the addition of an in game currency (no micro-transactions confirmed) that will be awarded for completing (the newly added) daily and weekly challanges, playing matches and selling unwanted burn cards. The purpose of this new currentcy? so you can (blind) buy themed burn card booster packs and new titan decals.

Elsewhere the Campaign has been moved into the multiplayer tab and levels will rotate though the story making it a lot easier to get a match and finish that campaign off

Here is the full patch notes

NEW FEATURES (All Platforms)
For this update, we're introducing the Black Market -- where you can buy and sell burn cards. Additionally there are eight new Titan decals available in the Black Market which you can also buy with in-game credits.
Daily Challenges - Collect three new Daily Challenges every day. You can have a total of 9 active daily challenges at any one time.
We have moved Campaign game mode in with the other existing game modes. It will rotate through all maps over and over and you can join at any point.
Added message when a friendly Pilot with the flag jumps on your Titan in CTF.
There is now a Gen 1 image which will show up for Gen 1 players in all menus.
Added achievements for Frontier's Edge DLC.
BUG FIXES (All Platforms)
Fixed Titan decal unlocks showing up repeatedly.
Removed pre-lobby after selecting a game mode, now you will be taken directly to the game lobby.
Made wi-fi hacking count towards Spectre leeching for stats / challenges / insignias.
Fixed an issue where you could earn enough XP that it would appear to wrap around and reset your level.
Nuclear Eject: fixed a rare bug where an invincible Titan would be left roaming around the level because the player died upon ejecting.
Lots of yummy bandwidth optimizations as well as various delicious framerate optimizations have been lovingly hand-crafted and squeezed into the game.
Fixed case of being smushed into a solid wall while rodeoing and becoming unable to shoot through the Titan.
Fixed many cases of incorrect or missing impact sounds from explosions including Arc Cannon fire and Cluster Rockets.
Fixed a server issue when players used the Rematch burn card in areas where they would get stuck.
Fixed a case of getting a double lock-on with the Archer.
Fixed an annoying case of the party chat icon not appearing.
Fixed a case where parties could be split up.
Fixed text overlap on controller layout menu.
Fixed some kills/events not counting towards progress on challenges, achievements, or decals.

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